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Trius Red 2017

Trius Red 2017

$24.95 $22.95

The RED that started it all! Luscious black fruit and blueberry layered with subtle notes of spice, oak and tobacco.

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Review by Owen (Posted on 15-06-14)
A great Vintage 2013 we have always loved Trius Red. Just received our first bottle from the wine club and Now just ordered a case.
Highly recommended.

Now How about a 1 Liter Bottle? always need another Glass
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Review by Ernest (Posted on 15-02-20)
Je l''ai bu chez des amis à London (Ontario) au début du mois de février 2015. C''est un excellent vin surtout à ce prix là. Un des meilleurs vins de l''Ontario que j''ai bu. Il se compare très bien à des vins français beaucoup plus chers. Il est franc en bouche et une bonne longueur en finale. Il s''accommode très bien avec des longes de porc.Je le recommande vivement!
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Review by Svano (Posted on 14-10-31)
My first glass was finished sooner than I would care to admit... Good thing I bought two bottles. It is as good as they say!
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Review by DaveLon (Posted on 14-09-13)
Tasted this wine at the winery and bought three bottles. Had our first one last night and it was excellent. This is surprisingly mature for a 2012, well rounded, smooth with good bouquet and excellent body. This is a great buy at $22.95 and compares well to $40 wines from elsewhere. You owe it to yourself to try at least a bottle.
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Review by Seller t (Posted on 14-02-07)
The perfect red! Very easy to drink with dinner.
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