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Private Reserve Gamay Noir 2017

Private Reserve
Gamay Noir 2017


This delicious red wine is very versatile with juicy fruit flavours of red berry and cherry. Perfect for sipping and pairing with many dishes!

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Review by Kathleen (Posted on 13-12-31)
Purchased a couple bottles during a visit this summer to the estate. Absolutely delicious! Loved this and like the other comments regret I just purchased two bottles! I was never a fan of red wine but this has changed my mind!
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Review by Sara (Posted on 13-12-05)
I am really not fan of Gamay, which is unfortunate since as a vegetarian it seems to be the go to wine pairing for anyone suggestions the perfect glass for a meat-less dish. However, I do continue to try them on occasion, just to see what I’m missing. The 2012 Private Reserve Gamay Noir works if you partner it with the right dish. The wine is light but not with the boring simplicity I’ve come to expect of Gamays. What’s impressive is how it stood up to the spice in the Indian Curry Potato Latkes I served it with ( While passable on its own with some red fruit notes that quickly evaporate, once paired the wine took on the 2012 PR Gamay comes alive with it’s own spiciness.

Recommendation: if you want a red pairing for your vegetarian food that is light and playful the 2012 Gamay just might work.
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Review by She says (Posted on 13-11-16)
This wine has a bright cheery red appearance with aromas of balsamic , smoke, green peppers and black cherry notes. It taste of spice cherries and sour red plum undertones. This is a very light bodied wine with great acidity that cleanses the palate. This red wine would pair well with roasted goose, duck and pork.
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Review by He Says (Posted on 13-11-16)
Appearance was medium depth red, clear and slightly translucent.
Aroma has initial oak and red cherry and lingering earthy fruit.
Taste is light on the palate with no dominant tones ending with slight wood and berries.
I did enjoy this wine although I found it slightly lacking in the initial flavour and finish. I would have rated it a 3 1/2 if I was given the option and price was a consideration in my overall opinion.
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Review by Pauline Loves Wine (Posted on 13-11-06)
As I sipped a glass of this Gamay Noir while enjoying the wonderful mix of smoke and spice my only regret was not having several bottles to cellar! So I must end this review to go off and order same!
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