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Thirty Bench Wine Makers

The Thirty Bench Wine Maker Experience

Thirty Bench is a producer of premium wines grown exclusively on estate vineyards in the Beamsville Bench appellation, a superior winegrowing region on the Niagara Peninsula.

At Thirty Bench, we focus on what the vineyard does best, growing Riesling and classic red varietals on vines managed for low yield and maximum fruit intensity. Our wines are carefully crafted by a skilled winemaker in small lots, ensuring every single bottle of Thirty Benchwine boasts exceptional quality and flavour.

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A Note from our Winemaker Emma Garner

Vineyards are in full swing! There is lots of growth, and the Rieslings are coming along nicely. We are a little behind our ideal vineyards schedule, but a little more warm weather will allow us to catch up quickly. The cool nights have actually been an asset to our vines, and helped us to retain aromatics and that quintessential bright acidity.

We are blending up the Chardonnay this week. The wine will be coming off of lees and out of barrel and be prepared for bottling in the next few weeks – it looks delicious! The 2012 Small Lot Rieslings are selling really well, and are being showcased at various events throughout the area. Be sure to pick some up before they are gone.

For those of you following our Vineyard re-planting, the final steps of the process have come without newly constructed trellis system. A huge thank you to the entire team for assisting with such a huge undertaking! On a final note, we will be releasing more 2013 aromatics in August, so stay tuned for more exciting news from Thirty Bench.

Location: Thirty Bench Tasting Room
Winemaker Emma Garner